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Airport Applications


Throughout the world, border protection agencies are automating the immigration process. The process typically involves the combined use of a passport or ID card and biometric authentication to conclusively bind the traveler to the travel document. The strength of this two-factor approach is such that no immigration officials need to be involved in th process. Iris recognition, with its inherently high accuracy and low FTA ragtes, serves as the optimal biometric modality for biometric verification while enhancing the traveler’s experience.

Aviation Security

Ease-of-use, rapid capture, and superior matching accuracy all promote the use of biometric verification within airports. Airports have large and diverse workforces who routinely undergo screening and background checks. Since traditional ID cards fail to provide sufficient levels of security, biometrics offers the speed and accuracy to support this workplace. Another challenge in many large international airports is ensuring the person who checked in to a flight is the same person who boards the flight. Biometric authentication provides a fast, accurate way to expedite trusted travelers through the security process.

Corporate Entrance

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